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One Below Even 2007

Official Selection


Charles and his dog Dakota live a simple and content life. One day, while playing his first round of golf ever, Charles hits a near hole in one. The shot is mistaken for a hole in one by a fellow golfer, Gregory. Charles goes along with it and gives himself a 1 on the score card. Gregory befriends Charles and introduces him to the high society of the country club and a woman named Linda. Linda suduces Charles and his life is forever changed. Years later, we find a down Charles who is being told by his wife, Linda, that she wants a divorce. Charles and Gregory are golfing together and Charles hits a hole in one for real. He counts it as a 2 on his scorecard. Back to even.

Blue Motel 2012


Due to her job, a Mother is forced to live in a seedy run down motel. The only relationship she has with her Daughter is the twenty minutes visits they share at the motel every other day. During one of the visits, the Mother's job comes to a climax and the Daughters life is put at risk! Blue Motel is a story about family, work, and the sometimes-impossible balance. 

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